iTravel – I love Technology, gadgets and electronica. Surely what more does a modern person thrive on! But my biggest passion is traveling, meeting people in new places is fantastic. The new experiences help us build the bonds that us humans are best at. Its what makes us different from other species.

We know you’re like us. Road tripping or Monday commute, you need to┬ámove on.

Our philosophy is simple; we can’t imagine life without travel and technology and know you couldn’t either. When your traveling you need to protect your new baby with FlakJacket or JumpSuit, power up with portable chargers, make some connections with USB and Firewire adaptors or dock your iPod(TM) and cruise with your tunes. All our recommended accessories are tailored to your iPod(TM) or iPod mini(TM).

Sleek and chic, this is essential equipment for the iPod(TM) generation.

We have developed this site to look into the latest gadgets, electronica and digital ways to improve travel, music, communication and getting in touch with your electronic side.