Costa del Sol Location Area

The Costa del Sol stretches from for 159 kilometres from Duquesa in the west to Nerja in the east and inland to Antequera and Ronda it is in the province of Malaga with a population of 1.7 million.

The people from Malaga are known as Malaguenos.



Malaga has a lot of for foreign visitors but most of its tourists are from other Spanish towns and cities and all agree that the Malaguenos are amongst the most friendly.

Malaga is a mix of different nationalities which go back to having guests from the Greeks, the Phoenicians, Romans and mainly Moors.

Malaguenos are most at ease when meeting and talking to all visitors no matter what nationality.

Malaguenos People, Religion and Melting Pot of Culture

Due to the mix of races that form Malaguenos Malaga has a lot of different churches they have Protestant churches, Moslem mosques, Buddhist shrines and Jewish synagogues to name a few.

Malaguenos are tolerant of everyone no matter their gender and Malaga is now the biggest destination for gay people in Europe.

Modes of Transfers from Malaga Airport

Malaga Airport is the third busiest on the Spanish main land only behind the two biggest cities of Madrid and Barcelona. One of the best things about the airport in Malaga is ease of access.

Private transfer is the easiest mode of transport to take visitors and tourists to their holiday destinations. When leaving (Malaga Airport) AGP, Depending on budget and group size private minibus transfers are the most competitively priced for larger groups. If you are more of your up and about adventures types then look to get a hire car

If you want to arrive with no planning off the cuff then you can jump in a taxi to your destination as with most other airports. Prices are quite expensive compared to other Western Cities and the roads are not the easiest to navigate especially in summer months and other peak times.

You can wait for a public bus which have improved over their stereotypical image of manana attitude. They are reasonably regular but the timetables lack a lot of information that non Spanish speaking hombres will not understand.malagaairport


One thing about Malaga Airport is that the transport links are fantastic. Not only getting to and from the airport but are not transferring to most European cities. You can now fly to many destinations from Malaga such as most UK and Irish airports as well as cities such as Rome, Budapest, Copenhague, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Faro, Frankfurk, Helsinki, Leon, Marrakech, Milan, Munich, Nuremberg, New York, Charles de Daulle, Prague, Sofia, Stuttgart, Vienna, and Zurich with more destinations being added later this year.

Malaga Airport now has a new train terminal directly into the airport which travels from Fuengirola in the west to Malaga central in the east, it also has a new underground system around Malaga which opened on the 30th July 2014 after 8 years of construction.



You can also get the train from Malaga Airport to the new AVE station in Malaga and board the high speed RENFE that takes you to directly to Madrid which takes two and a half hours.

Beaches, Blue Flags and Golf in Spain

The Costa del Sol has the best beaches in Spain many have been awarded the statues of Blue flag which means it meets certain required quality standards. In 2014 over twenty four beaches had acquired the blue flag.

If you are a golfer you can choose from over 70 courses to play on the Costa del Sol, the southern most Spanish coastline hosts these top manicured greens and courses are designed by top experts in this field Jose Maria Canizares, Seve Ballasteros and Robert Trent Jones to name a few. If you want the best prices on golf course green fees then look up Elite Golf Services they are an established firm of Golf professionals providing all types of golf services, package trips, hotel and transfers packages and multicourse golf deals.


You might think how can the Costa del Sol have so many golf courses when it struggles for rain well to be able to have a golf course you must be able to recycle water so ecologists will be satisfied.

The road system on the Costa del Sol is perfect if you wish to travel in comfort on the toll roads at 120 killometres per hour or whether you wish to take a leisurely drive along the coast road at 80 killometres per hour you will find beautiful scenery on both routes.

Every year Malaga has a fair which runs for 10 days it is the biggest in Europe.

Malaguenos dress in traditional costumes and parade around Malaga on foot, horseback or horse and carriage you will see dances such as flamenco and sevillanas. Malaguenos will eat drink and dance the long hot nights away to local music and bands.

The best thing about the Costa del Sol is that its open 365 days a few restaurants and chiringuitos may close for the winter months but most stay open all year round.