Puri Bening Hayato, Toya Bungkah

We found this hotel while doing a cross island scooter trip a couple of years ago, and I have done some investigation to make sure it still exists! This was a very old hotel, and in need of a bit of repair at the time, but at $25 per night it was cheap, spacious, and in another wonderful location.

Toya Bungkah is located on the side of Lake Batar, and both the lake and town are located in the crater of the active volcano, Mt Batar. To reach the town you travel down into the crater from the road that runs around the volcano rim at kintamani.

The town is located in a fertile market garden area, and drying onions where the dominant smell when we visited. The hotel had excellent views from our 3rd floor room, both to the volcano behind us and the lake and rim wall in-front.

In addition, it was an older, 70’s style complex, with big rooms, and adjoining balconies. And we were the only guests! It was cheap, retro, and located in a surprisingly non-balish corner of Bali!




Sea Star Resort, Phu Quoc Island

Vietnam is probably the ultimate for hotel rooms under $40.00 per night, in-fact I can only think of 1 hotel I have stayed in, in two visits to Vietnam that cost more than $40.00!

But for comfort, friendly family run service, and amazing location, the Sea Star Resort, Phu Quoc Island rates as the best in my opinion. This resort has a series on bungalows, set in 3 or 4 rows facing the the beach and ocean.

The front row is right in the sand of the beach, and the second row, where our $40 bungalow as, was a mere 5 meters or so from the beach, with access and views between the front ones, to the beach.

In addition, Sea Star has an excellent restaurant located under the palm trees beachfront, that served as good a local food as any of the restaurants in town.

They rented motor-scooters for only a few dollars a day, and happily suggest routes and day trips to enjoy.

Sea Star Resort
Restaurant at Sea Star Resort


These two posts cover 1 cheap but nice hotel in each of my favourite countries. I hope this gives either comfort, lead or food for thought if you are heading to any of these places.

I think I might keep this series going for a few more posts, and see if I can share some info on a few more places I have stayed under $40. keep you posted!

Part the way through the shave I noticed what set this particular barber apart from his competitors…

Long term travel is expensive, and probably the biggest expense of the lot is accommodation.

Unfortunately, unlike transportation costs, which you can control by limiting the amount you move around, you pretty much need accommodation every single night of your journey. Therefore, the longer the travel experience, the greater the cost.

Accommodation cost obviously vary greatly, both between different countries, and between different standards of accommodation within each country.

I have stayed in a huge variety, from $4.00 per night tea houses in Nepal, to $400 a night hotels in Europe, but in general I try to keep my nightly expenditure to under $40.00, and will usually spend lots more time in countries where you can get something reasonable for that amount (or hopefully less!!).

So, I though I would reflect on a few of my favourites. You will probably see from the photos, it is often more about the location than the comfort for me, although there is nothing better than landing a soft comfy bed and a powerful shower.!